The first leap

Creating Connections and Giving a Voice to Denver’s Dance Scene

Presenting Denver was founded in 2013 with a commitment to defining Denver as an innovative dance hub. Based in Denver, Colorado, Presenting Denver has been a link between education, accessibility, and the performance of dance. We’re dedicated to supporting the art of dance through increased public exposure and the appreciation of movement as an innovative art form.

Today Presenting Denver is connecting artists, audiences and amplifying the voice of our dance community. Join our dance community!

Presenting Denver’s Founders

From inspirational Beginnings to a Force for Good

After seeing a need to better connect the dance community in Denver, Meredith and L. Roger Hutson founded Presenting Denver with a unique understanding of dance and the Denver community. Envisioning a hub between artists and the dance loving public through a website focused on engagement, with the ultimate goal of bringing a dance festival to Denver made up of local talent. Years of hard work and nights filled with strategy sessions at the Hutson’s home with board members and volunteers, Meredith saw her dream come to life in June 2018 with the wildly acclaimed inaugural Presenting Denver Dance Festival.

Presenting Denver seeks to honor the legacy of Meredith and L. Roger Hutson’s contributions to the Colorado dance community. Working every day to advance the values instilled by Meredith and L. Roger’s generosity and vision, Presenting Denver continues to promote dance and movement as an artform in and around Denver.