Control Group Productions

Control Group Productions
January 12, 2016 Presenting Denver


Control Group creates richly innovative, carefully crafted, powerfully engaging live art. The work integrates complex conceptual development with a bombastic, nuanced physicality, resulting in exquisite, immersive aesthetic experiences. Driven by rigorous inquiry into the nature of our world and the values of our culture, the work mines the expansive potentials of live and interactive art to create unique, immersive aesthetic experiences. Control Group creations span the spectrum from traditional venue works to site-specific engagements of non-venue architectures and outdoor public spaces. The company regularly collaborates with other artists and organizations on multi-authored events. In all of its work, Control Group focuses on an Ecological Artistic Process that engages situational parameters and contextual specificity as a fundamental material of each creation/performance/event. Control Group offers professional training and outreach activities that focus on the underlying physics of human motion and the engagement with collaborative, concept-driven creative practices. In partnership with Colorado Conservatory of Dance in Broomfield, Control Group provides artist residencies and subsidized training opportunities to local dance professionals.

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