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If you are seeking written performance coverage on The Commentary Corner from a Presenting Denver Ambassador Writer, please submit your upcoming professional dance performance event information to the Community Calendar and indicate your request for coverage in your calendar submission form. Presenting Denver is offering coverage for virtual performances at this time due to COVID-19. Please note our submission processes listed at the bottom of this page.

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    Cruel Migration

    In her book, The Art of Cruelty, Maggie Nelson explores the “full-fledged assault on the barriers between art and life…

  • Photo by Scott McCormick of McCormick Photos and Design. Image courtesy of Lost Walks.

    Beauty of the Beast

    Denver band Lost Walks, a kind of project-based local supergroup, performed their gothic rock opera Wolf, Woman, Man to a…

  • Photo by Denver Dance Photography. Image courtesy of Whitney Waugh Dance.

    The Human Condition

    Whitney Waugh Dance has burst onto the Denver dance scene this year as a force to be reckoned with. Our…

  • The Nutcracker. Sharon Wehner and Yosvani Ramos. Photo by Mike Watson. Image courtesy of Colorado Ballet.

    Colorado Ballet’s The Nutcracker

    For the professional dancers who endure countless iterations and performances of The Nutcracker over the courses of their careers, the…

  • Photo by Eli Akerstein. Image courtesy of Boulder Ballet.

    While Visions Danced

    The Christmas season has commenced. The velvet tunics, bows and ballet slippers have graced the stage. Friday, November 24 kicked…

  • Photo by Slavin Studio. Image courtesy of Hannah Kahn Dance Company.

    Traveling Motifs

    There comes a time in every career when the desire for something new strikes. For choreographer and company director Hannah…

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    Cindy Brandle Mini Festival

    In the warm space of the Gordon Gamm Theatre, Cindy Brandle walked on stage with a kind heart.  She spoke…

  • Photo by Ximena Monroy. Image courtesy of Julie Rothschild.

    Green Needs Ash

    When considering the vast scale of destruction humans have wrought upon the earth, it can be easy to forget that…

  • Amanda Tipton and Wonderbound

    Wonderbound’s Celestial Navigation

    WORLDS AWAY “When you touch the celestial in your heart, you will realize that the beauty of your soul is…

  • Dracula - Chandra Kuykendall and Domenico Luciano by Allen Birnbach. Image courtesy of Colorado Ballet.

    Colorado Ballet’s Dracula Thrills

    Ask any dancer why he or she enjoys performing, and you will hear the following among the answers: to make…

  • Photo by Presenting Denver.

    The Animate Life of Art

    When you enter the Denver Art Museum (DAM) and go up the grand, modern staircase, there is corner space to…

  • Love and Gravity. Cooper Stanton. Photo by Julia Nardin. Image courtesy of Acrobatic Conundrum.

    Defying Gravity

    Lion, tigers and bears, oh my! Nope. Not one lion or tiger or bear. What kind of circus had we…

  • Featuring Asuka Sasaki and Francisco Estevez by Chris Walt Photography. Image courtesy of Colorado Ballet.

    Shining Under the Stars

    AN EVENING WITH THE COLORADO BALLET The Colorado Ballet performed at the Arvada Center Outdoor Amphitheater on a lovely August…

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    Aerial Dance Festival 2017

    Aerial dance utilizes various apparatus in order to push the directional and physical edges of intentional movement. During the faculty…

  • Sarah Romanowsky by Randm Vision. Iamge courtesy of Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance.

    Aerial Dance Lecture Demo

    The 19th Annual International Aerial Dance Festival is currently taking place in Boulder, hosted by Boulder-based studio Frequent Flyers Aerial…

  • Photo by Stan Obert. Image courtesy of Cleo Parker Robinson Dance.

    Mile High Dance Diversity

    United we stand when bridges are built and communities are galvanized through the arts.  The 6th annual Mile High Dance…

  • Photo by Debra Dean Photography. Image courtesy of Sonder.

    An Artist’s Coming of Age

    Ambition has reached a new peak in Denver’s performance community with Sonder, an immersive, professional dance theatre production created, produced…

  • Image courtesy of The Anata Project and Summation Dance

    Far Away and Far Apart

    Friday, June 23, and Saturday, June 24, The Anata Project and Summation Dance shared a bill at the Dairy Arts…

  • Photo by Matt W. Smith. Image courtesy of Bella Diva Dance.

    Carnival Cabaret

    Escape into the mystique. Escape into the fantasy. Escape into the beads, samba and wonder that encompass all that is…

  • Photo by Peter Strand. Image courtesy of Zikr Dance Ensemble.

    Seeing the Ancient Anew

    Zikr Dance investigates the sacred movement of ancient world cultures through a multi-faceted contemporary lens as dynamic and fluid as…

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