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When it comes to dance commentary, Presenting Denver is in the know. The Commentary Corner gives you the 411 on the 303, for your local dance scene.

If you are seeking written performance coverage on The Commentary Corner from a Presenting Denver Ambassador Writer, please submit your upcoming professional dance performance event information to the Community Calendar and indicate your request for coverage in your calendar submission form. Presenting Denver is offering coverage for virtual performances at this time due to COVID-19. Please note our submission processes listed at the bottom of this page.

  • Sum Of Your Parts

    The first time I thought I’d reached the seminal moment of beauty within Evolving Doors Dance Company’s Sum of Your Parts was…

  • A Gothic Folktale

    On Friday, I had the pleasure of witnessing the talented troupe, Wonderbound (formerly Ballet Nouveau Colorado) for the first time…

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    Winning: Denver and Dance

    According to Adam Lerner, Director, Museum of Contemporary Art, “Denver is very welcoming for artists. There is no entrenched academic…

  • Colorado Ballet’s Giselle

    The way to a Halloween lover’s heart: pale-faced elongations and a haunting performance. Colorado Ballet’s Giselle evoked ghostly love in its opening…

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    Mark Morris Dance Group

    A lover’s quarrel, feet as percussion, Polynesianesque tribal huddles and Ivor Cutler? Mark Morris takes the audience back and forth…

  • Control Group Productions presents ‘Salon Romantik, opus 3: FEAR & PROPHETS’

    On a bridge in Denver, spider black arms wrap and convulse. They take a break and walk into the rolling…

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    Colorado Ballet’s Season Opener

    Adele, tutus and firemen. Not the typical dance performance nor the typical venue when one thinks ballet. This year’s 2013-2014 Colorado Ballet…

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