Pumehana Paisner

Pumehana Paisner

Courtesy of Pumehana Paisner.

Presenting Denver would like to shine a community spotlight on Pumehana Paisner and HALAU HULA O NA MAUNA KOMOHANA Hula School of the Western Mountains!


Artist/Owner: Pumehana Paisner
Organization: HALAU HULA O NA MAUNA KOMOHANA Hula School of the Western Mountains
Website: https://hulamaunakomohana.weebly.com
Education: Master of Arts in Dance Ethnology
Hometown: Boulder




Presenting Denver: Do you split your time between dance/the arts and another vocation?

Pumehana Paisner: Yes.


PD: What is the best part of your day?

PP: Teaching and performing Hawaiian hula.


PD: How can dance be more inclusive and why is access for all important?

PP: There needs to be more access to ethnic dance, such as Hawaiian hula.


PD: Who has been a mentor to you in your career? What is the best piece of advice he or she gave you?

PP: Nona Beamer, “Always dance from your heart, not just your body.”


PD: When the aging dancer body can’t train anymore, what is the next step in continuing to learn?

PP: Keep taking lessons, or teaching, and just lessen the extent of one’s movement.


PD: What about this art form drives you?

PP: It’s my whole life, to move to music. It’s inspirational.