Phannie Haver and Radical Love Movement (RLM)

Phannie Haver and Radical Love Movement (RLM)

Presenting Denver would like to shine a community spotlight on Phannie Haver and

Radical Love Movement (RLM)!


Photo credit : Ariel Elich. Courtesy of Phannie Haver.
Photo credit : Ariel Elich. Courtesy of Phannie Haver.

Artist: Phannie Haver

Organization: Radical Love Movement (RLM)


Education: Some college, lots of self study

Hometown: Denver, CO



Presenting Denver: If you are not a native, why did you choose Denver?

Phannie Haver: Native.


PD: Do you split your time between dance/arts and another vocation? If you split your time, what is your other vocation?

PH: Massage therapist/energy worker/coach 


PD: Please describe yourself in 3 words.

PH: Bright, wise and kind.


PD:  What do you stand for as a dancer/dance organization owner?

PH: For me, taking care of dancers is my main priority. I advocate for paying dancers real wages for the real work they do, provide body care for the stress we endure physically, and provide a creative environment for dancers that honors their experience and their bodies. 


PD: What have you learned about life through dance?

PH: That you cannot ignore your physical experience, and that our spiritual and mental experiences are always reflected in our bodies. If we change our bodies we can change our minds. If we are injured there is probably a deeper conflict going on that is asking for attention. The main thing I’ve taken away from dancing for more than half my life is that everything is a process and the more you connect with your body the more joy you can experience, even in the hard times. 


PD: How do you determine which music is appropriate for your organization or choreography? Do you start with concept or score? Talk about your relationship with music and/or musicians.

PH: I work both ways, movement to music, and music to movement. Generally for performing and creating a show, I start with the feeling of what I want to express. Then I use improvisation to create new material, often filming my company members improvising to add the most authentic and inspiring movements into the show. I then use the process of music to help support this movement. I have a long history with musicians. If I have a musician willing, I love having them create music to the movement, adding music to what’s already set. I also love poems and spoken word incorporated into performances.


PD:  Tell us why you continue to fight for the right to dance and to share dance.

PH: Dance is my artistic medium, sharing dance is a part of me. I feel that being embodied, conscious and present in the body, is a great way to make the world a better place. We are not just heads carried around by bodies, we are whole, every dimension of our being reflected in the form of our bodies. I respect that, and it’s my mission to share it with as many people as I can.