Not a Transition: Powerful Moments “In Transit”

Not a Transition: Powerful Moments “In Transit”

To witness the Cindy Brandle Dance Company’s new work In Transit at the Dairy Center is a plum opportunity. The theater is intimate, with audience seating on three sides of the slightly raised stage. At times, dancers join the audience members in their observation of the performance, ratifying our position as participants in ritual. Sitting in the front row, I felt almost shy about my proximity. My inclusion was gentle, though, and my role undemanding.

In Transit includes video projection, live music, text, and vocalizations by the dancers. These multiple elements are not jarring in their differences. Rather, each serves to illustrate the exploration that is at the core of this creative work. It is a dance performance, yes, but that is not all. There are individual dancers, and they are separate, unique beings, but together they, like the disparate media elements, represent a single striving. This corporate entity is blazing a path to self-realization, which looks a lot like self-acceptance, which leads to accessing true beauty beyond the self: meaningfulness and wholeness.

Change and time, the agents of transition, are the resident themes in this work. The physical experience of these agents, including memory and aging, loom large. The lovely boxes on stage, repositories of such experience, provide a focus for understanding the magic of what is happening here. The precious items in the boxes are individually appreciated, taken out, displayed, and replaced. I imagined the theater as a treasure box, the dancers as representative of priceless moments, and their movements as the work of the corporate entity to truly progress. Don’t miss your opportunity to help make this happen.

The Cindy Brandle Dance Company: In Transit
January 24, 25, and 26 at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, CO.
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