Presenting Denver would like to shine a community spotlight on Nalo!


Artist: Nalo

Education: MA In Clinical Psychology (Psychotherapy), BA Sociology, BFA trained dancer

Hometown: South Orange, NJ


Presenting Denver: If you are not a native, why did you choose Denver?

Nalo: Atmosphere, Vibe, People, Culture, Naropa University 


PD: Describe yourself in three words. 

N: Alien, Ecstatic, Disciplined


PD:  What does community mean to you?

N: Community means inclusivity: that everyone is allowed to be themselves without fear or judgement.


PD: What have you learned about life through dance? 

N: Life is too short not to chase your wildest dreams. Life gets harder by each passing day, so why make excuses? If you don’t make your own dreams, somebody will make them for you. 


PD: Which dancers/choreographers/companies do you currently follow? Why?

N: Sidra Bell Dance New York, Rubberband Dance, Batsheva, Sharon Eyal


PD:  What about this art form drives you?

N: The ability to express non verbally; to communicate between bodies without the perpetuation of words.