Thomas Dance Project

Our mission is to inspire our community through dance.

Raising awareness on focusing on our similarities rather than our differences has been a focal point of our mission. Being born in a foreign country and moving to a different continent in my teenage years has allowed me to learn to embrace different cultures and learn from them in order to evolve as a human being. That is the reason why our non profit organization created a show called ‘Beyond Borders’ in 2019 to give a chance to people to understand the difficulties foreign born national can endure when and while leaving their homeland and how to rise above these cultural stigmas and differences.

This year we dedicated our new creation to a huge part of our population that suffers from mental health, self care issues and identity crisis.
We all sometimes suffer from letting our inner demons take us down while attempting to have more self acceptance, learning to overcome our deepest fears of failure.
Shedding light on this particular state of being that most of us tend to deal with on daily basis has been a true source of inspiration for us. Asking ourselves the question, how do we overcome our self imposed limitations? More love, more care and more gratitude might be the start of an answer.

Contact NameKevin Gaël Thomas


LocationDenver, CO