The Clinic Performance

Our mission is founded upon on the central theme that ALL human beings deserve to be seen, heard, and cared for, without discrimination.

  • We believe in creating arts and play-based offerings that allow for disruption, wonder, and immersive environments for our healthcare workers to reflect, connect and collectively care for themselves and others.

  • We believe when our healthcare providers are seen, heard, and cared for, then our patients will be as well.

  • We believe that caring for healthcare providers includes looking at personal bias and  dismantling individual and systemic racism in hospital settings.

  • We believe resiliency is not something healthcare providers need to work harder at to obtain, but that our healthcare systems must work harder to create more resilient systems and processes for our healthcare providers to thrive in.

  • We believe in bringing joy, wonder, and beauty into as many interactions as possible between humans in the hospital setting.

Contact NameTara Rynders RN

LocationDenver, CO