NU-World Contemporary Danse Theatre

Founded in 2006 by Christopher Page-Sanders and reestablished in 2016 under the artistic direction of Christopher and Bashir-Muhammad, NU-World Contemporary Danse Theatre (NWCDT) is a 501(C)(3) black-founded and black-directed contemporary dance company. NU-World brings together a group of artists diverse in age, artistic background, and ethnicity, to create work that centers in the black and human experience.

The vision behind the choreographic work of Bashir-Muhammad and Christopher Page-Sanders is to open pathways for conversation and find ways to be a representative of wholistic change through artistic expression. We feel that through dance and dance theatre, our work addresses the resilience of the human spirit through the stories that come out of the experiences and intersectionality of Black, brown, and queer identities in America. We believe in the importance of audiences seeing themselves reflected onstage and the transformative power that visibility brings when all of humanity is richly celebrated and honored. The breadth of our work is not solely for entertainment purposes, but it is to create a platform for conversation and knowledge to be gained. Through writing and rewriting the narrative, we challenge false perceptions, fear-based assumptions, and personal biases by allowing audiences to see the humanity and commonalities inside each artist. We also believe that dance is for everyone; in being a multi-generational dance company, we can tap into the deeper truths of our stories, creating work that resonates from a deeper place.

Contact NameChristopher & Bashir Page-Sanders


LocationDenver, CO