Since 2013 We Have Been A Grassroots, Non-Profit Performance Incubation Team Dedicated To Providing Our Home Communities Along The Colorado Front Range With Affordable And Thought Provoking Performance Experiences. LuneAseas Is A Bridge The Connects The Worlds Of Music And Movement Together.LuneAseas Is Multimedia Collaborative Effort That Includes Music, Dance, Theater, Fashion, And Visual Art Into A Cohesive Production Using Old And New Literary Sources.We Provide Our Communities With Movement Work Shops That Inspire, Build Social Skills, Encourage Our Participants To Think Creatively, And To Move In Ways They Never Thought Possible.

Our mission is to incubate, create, and perform with different platforms of artistic mediums from visual design, music, to dance, while provoking conversations on social issues relevant in today’s world. LuneAseas finds the harmony that drives these different mediums through collaboration. We expand, immerse, and diversify audiences through projects in live theatre, film, and digital media. We teach dancers, non-dancers, and organizations how to harness the creative potential of groups using our methods of creative movement and sound.

Contact NameLeah Casper


LocationFort Collins, CO