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At Motion Dance Center, we truly believe that BALANCE is the key to life. We want our dancers to be able to experience a high level of dance training AND be involved in other activities, sports, and family commitments. We want dance to be only one part of our students’ BALANCED lives, and realize that there are so many other opportunities and experiences in the world that will help them develop into beautiful, smart, strong human beings.We believe that dancers should have an experience that enriches and engages them not just technically, but holistically. We strive to create a positive learning environment that helps dancers find balance and confidence through movement. Our expert faculty works to not only teach technical skill but also help dancers develop a strong sense of purpose, increase self-awareness, and foster their unique style of expression. We take an individualized approach, helping dancers realize their own special talents while also finding joy and a deep appreciation for the art of dance. By promoting healthy self-image, trust, and a love of the creative process, our students can connect to the joys and rhythms of dance on a much deeper level. We look forward to being part of each dancer’s journey and helping them to feel empowered and inspired by the world of movement.

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LocationDenver, CO