ArtistiCO is thrilled to announce the acquisition of its own studio located in the vibrant Santa Fe Arts District in Denver, Colorado. This investment demonstrates our commitment to preserving and promoting Mexican Folklore in Colorado while providing future generations with access to our programs. Our new dance studio will serve as the hub for our renowned dance academy and professional dance company.

At ArtistiCO Dance Academy, we offer an exceptional dance education that goes beyond teaching techniques. Our program celebrates culture and artistic expression through movement. With instruction from renowned artists specializing in traditional ballet folklórico and other genres, our academy provides top-quality training. We prioritize the holistic development of our students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and artistic abilities.

In the southwest region of the United States, ArtistiCO Dance Company stands as the premier Ballet Folklorico Dance Company. Our mission is to honor and promote Amalia Hernandez’s technique and artistic legacy as the esteemed founder of Ballet Folklorico de Mexico. Comprising over 20 highly experienced dancers with a minimum of 10 years’ expertise each across various forms such as Mexican folklórico, classical Spanish dance jazz tap ballet modern Latin fusion; they undergo comprehensive training while pursuing careers outside dancing acting as cultural ambassadors for Latinx community inspiring figures.