Animus Movement

The mission of Animus Movement is to provide artists a chance to “perform” through dance films and other alternative mediums.  The company was born out of the cage of the pandemic with the purpose to continue providing opportunities for artists to move freely and share their craft and love of dance to audiences. The company loves to collaborate with their dancers, as well as other choreographers, musicians, visual artists and beyond. In October 2022 the company expanded and now has two locations, one in its original hometown in NYC and another in Denver, Colorado. Receiving several festival invitations, the company has performed at Dixon Place, the KnJ Theater, Triskelion, Mignolo Arts Center, Sam Scripps Studios, Green Space and the TADA Theater in NYC, and at the Dairy Arts Center and the Parsons Theatre in Colorado. In the last two years Animus Movement has created three dance films and co-produced a show at New York Live Arts and two shows at Ballet Arts, City Center NYC.

Contact NameBeck Allen


LocationDenver, CO