Linzee Klinkenberg

Linzee Klinkenberg

Photo by Katie Taylor. Dancers Mason Lawrence Taylor and Page Jenkins.  Image courtesy of New Breed Dance Company.
Photo by Katie Taylor. Dancers Mason Lawrence Taylor and Page Jenkins. Image courtesy of New Breed Dance Company.

Artistic Director of New Breed Dance Company
Professional Dancer / Small Business Owner / Full-time Mother

Hometown:  Boulder, Colorado
Current City:  Boulder, Colorado
Education:  Bachelor of Fine Arts Dance, Cornish College of the Arts
Profession:  Professional Dancer, Small Business Owner, Full-time Mother
Company Name:  New Breed Dance Company
Spouse:  Thomas Klinkenberg
Children:  Jude, Clive, Miles, & Wes

New Breed Dance Company features the diverse talents and creative collaboration of ten local dancers. Steeped in the style, sensuality and musicality of Jazz dance, New Breed strives to create innovative choreography that is both wildly entertaining and maintains strong artistic integrity. This company captivates audiences with their bounding athleticism, emotionally evocative performances, and astounding showmanship. The mission of New Breed is to bring this invaluable American art form to audiences and students of all ages. Whether in the theatre, classroom, or street scene, New Breed’s dynamic dancers and accessible choreography enriches the lives of its community and beyond.


Tell us your favorite things about living in Colorado.
As a Boulder native, I am thrilled to raise my children in a city with so much outdoor adventure in our own backyard. 

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
A dancer.  

Who/What motivates you?
Working with such a talented group of local dancers that are dedicated and breathtaking artists, and giving back to my home-town through art outreach, professional performances and community classes.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?
Loving my family, friends and community with my whole heart.  I am blessed to make my passion my work.

What is something you still hope to accomplish?
Professionally, I want to raise awareness and support to financially compensate dancers in my company as to reflect their skills, education and hard work.  Personally, I hope to raise my boys to grow into strong, compassionate and intelligent men.

Tell us something about your creative process.
I am inspired first and for most by music that makes me want to move and the desire to communicate a story or feeling with an audience.  I love to incorporate my dancer’s ideas, impulses, humor and unique gifts into our work.  One of my favorite parts of directing a company is recognizing when my idea is not the best in the room,  savoring a true collaborative effort to make the best art possible.

Who is your favorite dance company or dancer?  Why?
When I was an adolescent I had to the great honor of dancing with and befriending Charlotte York Irey, the founder of C.U.’s dance department.  She is an astounding woman who taught me “there is no such thing as a dumb dancer.”  She changed my perspective and thus pursuit of how to become the kind of artist that thrives.

What do you do in your spare time?
I am married to a wonderful and hardworking man.  Given the rare opportunity we have spare time, we like to spend it on a date night out on the town or a family excursion outside.

Tell us something funny about yourself.
I am seldom funny on purpose, but am happy to laugh at my own expense.  My truly weird nature comes out while teaching pre-coffee 6am bootcamp classes, playing with my boys, and after having a cocktail with girlfriends.

Anything else you would like to say?
Way to go Presenting Denver!  I applaud your work in shining a spotlight on all the diverse and prolific artists in our community.  (THANKS LINZEE!!!)