Kim Olson

Kim Olson


Image courtesy of Kim Olson/Sweet Edge.

Kim Olson/SWEET EDGE seeks to create urgent, authentic impact. Working as a puppet master, she directs her technically proficient dancers in discovering new frontiers of movement. Her dancers must trust in their training and work fearlessly in uncharted territory. Her style is modern release technique with an emphasis to deconstruct and search for the underpinnings of what drives us, revealing the humanity within each performer.

A former international dancer who worked with Stephen PetronioKim’s recommendation to anyone aspiring is to “know yourself well before you jump in and commit to putting your passions out for the world to see.” Invest in the creation of the movement. Experience has proven that when giving dancers extreme challenges, amazing things happen and people reveal themselves in unique ways.

Kim enjoys mapping out space until she finds flow and loves making costumes. While she is not a fan of the sewing machine, her costumes are tied, taped, torn and intricately pieced together to create the medium and tone respective to her visions.

mage by James Glader. Image Courtesty of Kim Olson, Sweet Edge.
Image courtesy of Kim Olson/Sweet Edge.

In her latest collaboration, SWEET EDGE is working with Control Group Productions in the first ever Denver Theater District hosted salon. (the world we’ve created) is an interactive salon with living installations, visual and digital artists and composers. Contributors include: Amelia Charter, Mike Stone, Jeff Mohler and Todd Bilsborough. Performances are happening June 13-15; 6:30p and 8:30p each night (Sunday 6/15 only 6:30p) at the Studio Loft, Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets may be purchased here. (

During this weekend’s performance, SWEET EDGE will world premiere Wake the Dangerous Poet and according to Kim, “trick memory to understand, body to redefine, impulse and flow to disorder. The dancers ride the underbelly of an unknown, exhilarating, explosive current of resolve and surrender.”

I am only imagining what eye/ear/sensory delights await this interactive gallery performance and look forward to sharing with you the results of my experience. If you are unable to join in the festivities to see Kim, take a gander at some of her previous work in this video with Ana Baer, also be on the lookout for her November performance at the CU Boulder ATLAS Theater with Ana Baer and Nathan Montgomery. Also check SWEET EDGE’s website:

Choreography: Kim Olson
Music: Hans De Back and Radiohead
Costumes: Selected by Kim Olson
Video: Ana Baer Carrillo
Commission: Tanzcompagnie Giessen, Germany
World Premiere: May 27, 2006

W. Celeste Davis Stragand: Published author, showcased artist and local Denverite, W. Celeste Davis Stragand is not new to the art world. Her passion for delving into the root of existence and movement will challenge and praise both choreographers and the audience. A graduate of Texas A&M University, Celeste holds two bachelor of arts degrees, one in Chemistry and the other in English. She is also a graduate of Naropa University holding a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing and Poetics from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. A former national slam team poet, Celeste is a graduate of the Downtown Denver Partnership Leadership Program and sits on the American Institute of Architects Colorado board. Her passion and enthusiasm for the kinetic arts will frolic and frenzy through the upcoming season of performances with many hopes for an encore!