Dance Art Media Studios / DAM Entertainment

Dance Art Media Studios / DAM Entertainment

Presenting Denver would like to shine a community spotlight on Jessica Page and
The Dance Art Media Studios / DAM Entertainment!

Photo by Angela Hebel. Courtesy of Jessica Page.
Photo by Angela Hebel. Courtesy of Jessica Page.


Artist: Jessica Page

Organization: The Dance Art Media Studios / DAM Entertainment

Website: &

Education: MFA – Dance / Entrepreneurial Business

Hometown: Littleton, CO


Presenting Denver: If you are not a native, why did you choose Denver?

Jessica Page: Denver has the best of everything!

PD: Do you split your time between dance/arts and another vocation? If you split your time, what is your other vocation?

JP: Dance is all that we do 🙂


PD: If you have received any awards or recognition for your work, tell us about it.

JP: 2019 – Hulafrog’s Most Loved Dance Studio – The DAM Studios – Dance Art Media

2019 – City of Lakewood – Best Dance Company – DAM Entertainment

2019 / 2018 – Top Rated Local Award Winner (two years in a row)

2019 – Best of

2019 – Best Business of 2019 by ‘Three Best Rated

2018 – Top 3 Dance Schools in Lakewood

2018 / 2017 – Top Pro Award from


PD:  How do you intend your work/business to directly affect your community?

JP: Dance Art Media aims to bring the joy of self-expressive dance to all. Our studio focus is to be the place “Where Every Body Can Dance,” and our production company excels in sharing “feel-good” theatrical dance entertainment with our audiences. We leave them with smiles on their faces, pep in their steps, and warmth in their hearts!


PD: Share your favorite motivational quote and tell us how this quote inspires you.

JP: “Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either.”   ~ Marshall McLuhan. Media Theorist


Dance Art Media is devoted to entertaining curiosity in order to enlighten intellect. Our primary approach to all things dance is to implement fun as a vehicle for creating growth and intellect. We strive to nurture a dance environment where people’s hearts lead the way for what their minds will be taught.


PD: How are commercial dance and competition changing the face of our artistic field? What are the pros and cons and do competitive and artistic tracks support each other? 

JP: In graduate school, I extensively explored the relationship between art and entertainment. Theoretically, one does not exist without the other; they overlap at every turn and interact through countless different perspectives. This research was what gave life to my current business model. DAM is an acronym for the synthesis of dance, art, & (modern day) media communication. What one sees as artistic expression my look a lot like commercial entertainment through the eyes of another. In order to truly embrace the self-expressive nature that is at the core of performance, we need to allow all facets of movement to be included in the conversation. As a dancer, I identify as an “artistic entertainer:” a well-versed and informed performing artist that happens to be drawn to commercial material. This does not establish any more or any less value. It simply defines me individually as a sincere and genuine dancer.


PD:  What about this art form drives you?

JP: The emotional intelligence and empathetic understanding that it teaches.