Supporting Our Nurses
.... as they Invest in Kids


... as they invest in kids

Pandemic-related stress has resulted in burnout and compassion fatigue among health providers, social workers and educators in Colorado, who are leaving their positions in droves. Together in partnership with Presenting Denver and Invest in Kids (IIK), Tara Rynders’ Clinic will create ongoing sustainable in-person workshops for healthcare providers and educators that work with IIK’s three evidence-based community programs, Nurse Family Partnership (NFP, Incredible Years (IY), and Child First. Invest in Kids partners with local communities to improve the health and well-being of young children and their families. 

By supporting nurses, teachers, and parents to provide programs proven to make an impact, IIK supports over 14,000 individuals annually. The Clinic uses the Courageous Care Framework embedded in the arts, movement, and play, to create spaces of healing to inspire healthcare providers and educators to connect to their joy and inspire them to courageously care for themselves as they care for others. Up to 40 nurses, teachers, social workers and family support staff at IIK will be invited to participate in these 2-hour workshops incorporating movement, play, visual art, poetry, and music. After working with the above participants these workshops would then be offered to the communities that the above participants serve through IIK, including students, their families and community. These workshops beginning in 2024 will be offered 4-5 times either during the workday or immediately after the workday. 



Tara brings years’ experience facilitating immersive movement and reflection workshops with health care providers to address compassion fatigue and burnout. Utilizing her “See Me as a Person Framework”, her premier clinic performance workshops have taken place in several settings in Colorado and California, in which nurses experience joy, connect, reflect, learn self-care and are seen as humans and valued in their workplace. Presenting Denver creates partnerships between individual dancers, dance companies and community organizations to spark joy, curiosity and community spirit, and therefore will serve as the Lead Agency and Fiscal Agent  

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