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  • Robert Sher-Machherndl in performance, Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet. Photography: David Andrews. Courtesy of Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet.


    As a kid, I would often hear my dad say, “Tree? Tree? Gone, gone, gone.” He’d say it to my…

  • Photo by Presenting Denver

    Jenny Schiff

    THE SCHIFF DANCE COLLECTIVE The weekend of June 23rd and 24th, The Schiff Dance Collective (TSDC) joined seven other Colorado…

  • Photo by Jamie Kraus Photography

    Jacob Mora

    MORAPORVIDA CONTEMPORARY DANCE Jacob Mora, Artistic Director of Moraporvida Contemporary Dance, knows Denver’s dance scene from the inside out. As…

  • Image by and courtesy of Cindy Brandle Dance Company.

    Dance as GPS

        Cindy Brandle Dance Company’s (CBDC’s) The Process of Navigation (or how to move through life relatively intact) April…

  • A Once and Future Art

    The world of commissioned by Control Group Productions and directed by Kate Speer, combines performance, visual art, and…

  • PD Logo

    Cruel Migration

    In her book, The Art of Cruelty, Maggie Nelson explores the “full-fledged assault on the barriers between art and life…

  • Photo by Debra Dean Photography. Image courtesy of Sonder.

    An Artist’s Coming of Age

    Ambition has reached a new peak in Denver’s performance community with Sonder, an immersive, professional dance theatre production created, produced…

  • Photo by Peter Strand. Image courtesy of Zikr Dance Ensemble.

    Seeing the Ancient Anew

    Zikr Dance investigates the sacred movement of ancient world cultures through a multi-faceted contemporary lens as dynamic and fluid as…

  • Four Seasons in One Night

    For a brand new ballet company, Ballet5280 sets a lofty goal to change the centuries-old notions of the “ideal” ballerina…

  • Photo by Charles Schinner for Gods and Monsters: An Odyssey. Image courtesy of 6Degrees Collaborative.

    Of Monsters and Men

    At its heart ambitious and earnest, 6Degrees Collaborative’s Gods and Monsters: An Odyssey at The Bug Theatre pulls inspiration from…