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  • In the Land of the Sweets

    The Friday, December 23, 2016 matinee of the Denver Ballet Theatre’s Nutcracker at the Newman Center of the Performing Arts…

  • Photo by Taylor Semin. Image courtesy of Control Group Productions.

    How do you do normal, again?

    Enter two-by-two into the darkness. Take small steps to ensure solid footing. The black will begin to cover you in…

  • MOMIX. Photo courtesy of Newman Center Presents

    Sand Crabs and Cacti

    Founded in 1980 under the artistic direction of Moses Pendleton, MOMIX hit the stage last night for its opening night…

  • Females in Flux

    On Sunday, May 15 at The Savoy at Curtis Park, Whitney Waugh Dance Company completed its world-premiere weekend of FLUX.…

  • Isn’t it lovely?

      Profoundly tender, the moment of a touch grazing upon skin for the first time. Do you remember that initial…

  • Ziggy and Freddy Dance

    Ian Cooke, Chimney Choir, Queen, David Bowie and ballet?  Just your average evening, right?  Well, if you are in the…

  • Granny’s Got a Groove

    Upon entering the packed lobby of the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theatre Saturday night for the opening performance of Granny…

  • Taking a Chance to Dance

    On Saturday, November 7 at the Ellie Caulkins Studio Loft, Denver Arts &Venues and Bringing Back the Arts hosted Chance…

  • Hear My Soul Speak

    Hear my soul speak: The very instant that I saw you, did My heart fly to your service. – Shakespeare’s…

  • Colorado’s Choreographer Talent Pool Grows

    An even playing field in ballet? We’ve all seen Black Swan, to even consider cordial and open spaces among ballerinas…