2022 Annual Report: Look Back With Us

Creating Connections and Giving a Voice to Denver’s Dance Scene

The last 18 months was an incredibly challenging period for the Colorado dance community…a time defined by isolation, sacrifice, adaptation and growth. In the midst of a global pandemic, dance companies were forced to lay off their company members and shut down their in-person operations, creating the ingredients for explosions of creativity and expression and, ultimately, new ideas around how to engage with their audiences. These ideas and expressions are blooming everywhere now, right in front of our eyes.

Presenting Denver as an organization faced these same circumstances, and was forced to adapt just as our dance company partners were. We canceled our dance festival for both 2020 and 2021, as the pandemic made it impossible for us to adequately guarantee the safety of our attendees. In response to the dance community blooming once again, we are planning for a 2022 Presenting Denver Dance Festival as well as new, interactive dance experiences.

That being said, the Dance Festival is only one piece of programming offered by Presenting Denver…we have so much more we want to share with you!

Our purpose is to make dance more accessible for everyone. So we are doing just that! In addition to planning the Festival and other events, we are embarking on a bold set of new initiatives:
We have expanded our board and a meaningfully improved our reach within the Denver artistic and philanthropic community.

  • We updated our website to give it a new look and feel.
  • We are revamping our social media channels in order to improve the connectivity between our supporters and the dance community.
  • We found new ways during Covid to support small dance companies and their work through marketing and financial donations, and will be exploring more opportunities to support specific dance companies through grants
  • Finally, we are working hard, every day, to make sure Presenting Denver remains your trusted resource for dance performance and community information.

We look forward to working with you in 2022! Learn how you can get involved with Presenting Denver.