Wild Heart Dance

Wild Heart Dance
June 3, 2016 Presenting Denver

Wild Heart Dance is a contemporary dance company based in the front range of Colorado, created and directed by Kat Gurley.

When you are making wild, openhearted, and full art, your heart gets broken in the process. This Wild Heart art points to the intangible truths known to the spirit and the cosmos within. It says in order to be wild and free, you must open. Open to break, to rejoice, and to dissipate. This breaking for spirit creates a transformative experience for both the giver and receiver. It is said a big part of love is to sacrifice. So what does that mean when you love by dancing? What is sacrificed when you choose love as your impetus to dance from? With Wild Hearted dance, your whole being is on the line. The audience gets to ride your curves, be inside your flesh, move through your muscles, and put their weight on your bones.

Wild Heart uses dance and physical transformation as the sole vehicle for performance. The dancers’ varied experiences and backgrounds are rooted in a passion for and love of dance. For intangible beauty and unspoken truths, Wild Heart remains true to the source: that the body contains the answers, and that sensation have the the power to set the mind free.