Whitney Waugh Dance

Whitney Waugh Dance
January 17, 2016 Presenting Denver

As a new company to Denver, WWD’s main focus is rooted in experiences. Being an artist is not simply about the work that is created, but more about the audience–how we engage the viewers and the experience that leaves with them. The development of our work starts with the dancers, particularly with personal truth and expression. Conceptually, we come from a place within our realities and link that with ideas much larger and deeper, which tend to migrate into the human condition. Together, we explore boundaries, create connections, and cross over into the depth of their inner experience in an effort to draw out the most intimate and vulnerable parts of ourselves; the spirit inside the mover.

Through various lenses, we navigate through fluidity and rigidity, pushing physical boundaries, entering and exiting the body and energy fields, wandering through our consciousness and sub-consciousness, all with emotional investment and an understanding of cultural relevancy. The duality of life is the essence of what WWD portrays. In tapping into our human reality through dance, WWD hopes to ultimately change the audience, stretch the limits of our minds, and touch not only our emotions, but also our universal compassion for each other.



2231 S Platte River Drive
Denver, CO 80223
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