Thrive Ballet/Thrive Youth Ballet

Thrive Ballet/Thrive Youth Ballet
October 3, 2016 Presenting Denver

Thrive Youth Ballet is a small performing company that nurtures emerging ballet students via more frequent performing opportunities with an emphasis on growth, learning, exploration and discovery. Participants have the opportunity to work on choreography created with the whole dancer in mind, specialized for individual strengths and developmental needs. Performances are relatively frequent, and less formal and less costly than full theater productions. Thrive Ballet provides a setting for students who want more chances to perform than end of year recitals but would like to avoid the intensity, cost and/or environment of competition groups. Membership will be precipitated by participation in Thrive Ballet Dance Labs or enrollment in classes with Insightful Motion. Students may participate in all performances or select those that work for them. Thrive Youth Ballet has three performances per year: Nutcracker in December, Winter Dance Lab, and Carpe Dancem in June. Thrive Youth Ballet is a Colorado Non-profit corporation. As such, donations are tax deductible.




2496 W. 2nd Ave., Unit 3
Denver, CO 80223