SCHOOL OF DISAPPEARANCE | Encounters In The Being Of Phenomena

SCHOOL OF DISAPPEARANCE | Encounters In The Being Of Phenomena
November 8, 2018 Presenting Denver

A living system, the School Of Disappearance, founded in 2013 as the pedagogical wing of Andrew Marcus Disappearance, articulates in response to the student body and community with whom it directly engages, and by whom it is sustained. The School Of Disappearance is, broadly, (1) an inquiry into the human body and it’s potential for movement and movement based expression; (2) a physical inquiry into psyche toward knowledge of self and one’s place in community and relationship generally; and (3) an inquiry into possibilities of art, beyond objects, toward impact, initially in aesthetic space, and ultimately in geo-political space.

The School Of Disappearance, as an experimental pedagogy, seeks to encourage experiences of being and of phenomena at levels prior to received understanding. This so that what had been perhaps understood as “truth” may, in fact, be revealed to be conditioned strategies for the organization of experience. At the School, all learning happens in direct encounter with self, and others, in solo work and in ensemble class, workshop contexts, performances, and immersions in public space beyond internally controlled studio or theater environments. An operative principle is that learning occurs as integration of lived perception (felt, sensed, and any psychological, emotional, or aesthetic content that attends) and that this integration, by definition, is powerfully physical.





1800 30th St. (Crossroads Gardens), Suite 218A
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