School of Breaking

School of Breaking
June 5, 2018 Presenting Denver

School of Breaking was established in September of 2012 with the intention to positively impact the lives of all people through music, dance and education. We are the essential place to learn Breaking and a sanctuary to develop yourself as a dancer.

We specialize in teaching the foundations of Breaking and other street dance forms. Our students are taught and encouraged to study the history, influential people and positive benefits of Breaking and Hip Hop culture.

We go farther by teaching more than just moves. Our instructors consistently reinforce positive values to develop character in our students. These values include, respect, discipline, doing your best, having fun, not comparing yourself to others, high ability to focus, strong listening skills and more. We guide our students towards the practice of self-awareness by allowing them to make mistakes and reflect on them. We show them that failure can be a fuel to motivate and can teach you to become better than you were yesterday. We demand sheer tenacity from our students. We encourage our students to use their inner voice to express themselves freely and to dance with confidence and creativity.



14190 E. Jewell Ave, Unit 7
Aurora, CO 80012