Newman Center for the Performing Arts

Newman Center for the Performing Arts
January 12, 2016 Presenting Denver

Acclaimed as one of the nation’s finest university arts centers, the 180,000 square-foot Robert and Judi Newman Center for the Performing Arts anchors the southeast corner of the campus and houses Virginia E. Trevorrow Hall, home to the Lamont School of Music, as well as a concert/grand opera hall, two recital halls, and a flexible theatre. Joy Burns Plaza joins the components of the center.

The University of Denver enlisted the assistance of acoustical professionals Kirkegaard Associates toward the goal of creating a truly world-class facility with exceptional acoustics. The Newman Center was designed as a series of freestanding buildings separated from one another by a two-inch acoustical joint. This gap creates an air space that abates vibration from one space to the other. Therefore, the Newman Center can hold simultaneous performances and rehearsals in each of the major performance and rehearsal venues without any sound interference.

Classrooms use “smart-to-the-seat” technology, whereby computer ports and electrical outlets are wired to every seat in every classroom in the building.




Newman Center for the Performing Arts
2344 E. Iliff Ave.
Denver, CO 80208