milehighhouse productions

milehighhouse productions
July 5, 2016 Presenting Denver

Milehighhouse’s primary goal? Continue to prove by exemplary work, that Denver is on the international map as a premiere destination for video, film, music and media production.

We will continue to assist our clients and colleagues to not only produce high end compelling stories and messaging, but also continue to convince agencies and production entities around the country and the world that Denver should be their first choice for production services and locations. How will we accomplish this goal? By working collaboratively with top tier production support entities in all aspects of production services.

Our experience lies in project management, overarching creative strategy, scriptwriting, locations and logistics, crewing of production personnel ,cinematography, all aspects of 3D and motion graphic animation, sound design and composition, high end post production, content distribution and marketing.

Over the past 20+ years we have aggregated an impressive roster of production talent in Denver and beyond. Our colleagues and we have worked with every major television network, cable network and many major film production companies. We have every piece of equipment needed for up to 5K resolution and finishing and we are exciting and fun to work with. We are Colorado’s best and brightest and have the demo reels to back that up.