Marna Ares Movement and Dance LLC

Marna Ares Movement and Dance LLC
July 19, 2018 Presenting Denver

Marna Ares Movement and Dance provides classes in modern dance at the beginning and intermediate level, as well as offering classes in integrated dance that include people with and without disabilities.

This class is for you if you have never danced, but have always wanted to. And, this is for you if you have danced before and want to dance again.

The class lasts an hour and a quarter. At the beginning of class we warm up our bodies, from head to toe. Following the warm-up, we get our bodies moving and learn movement phrases. By the end of the class we dance across the floor in both choreographed movements and sequences inspired by movement quality suggestions. I draw on many modern dance techniques, and have trained with the AXIS Dance Company in physically-integrated dance, and welcome all movers.

The class is taught in a wonderful studio space at the Perl Mack Community Center in Northwest Denver.




2835 W Parkside Place Apt 309
Denver, CO 80221
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