Joanna and The Agitators

Joanna and The Agitators
January 12, 2016 Presenting Denver

I make dances.

Dances that are surreal and absurd.

Dances that are outlandish and off the wall.

Dances that are filled with images that collide and crash into one another in an illogical manner.

Dances that touch on contemporary politics, events, and catastrophes that trouble our world.

Dances that are funny, droll, and perplexing.

Dances that engage audiences on a kinesthetic and visceral level.

The work I do is not for everyone. It is not dancey dancey or spectacular or even graceful. There are no pretty lines.

Rather, it is about the vibrant, shattering, discombobulating, and invigorating experience of being in a body.

It is about finding a frame in which to understand the world.

It is about providing context for the things I do not understand and cannot control.

It is about occupying a given space with discordant and opposing images in order to create a tiny rupture in the order of things.

It is about remembering what it means to be an animal in a human form.

My teaching is similar to my performing in that I am not so interested in having my students make a pretty line or do it the right way.

I am more interested in guiding them to find extraordinary freedom in their bodies and their dancing.




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