Jayne Persch, M.A, LMst, CST

Jayne Persch, M.A, LMst, CST
December 3, 2019 Presenting Denver

As a dance scientist, licensed therapist ( since 1988) and creator of Embodied Awareness©️, Jayne brings a deep understanding of the body in movement; movement for health and well-being and an understanding for dancers, teachers, choreographers of health in and through movement ~
Embodied Awareness©️offers a foundation for individual health and well -being in and through dance; corelating muscles to organs to physical, mental and emotional health in training, rehearsal and performance for efficiency and artistry. EA supports all training systems in classical and contemporary genres because it is anatomically based and supports all cross training and strengthening in movement. Using EA in choreography develops efficiency, a depth in movement and energetic connection for expression and artistry.
Jayne offers support to dancers as a licensed therapist including massage, neuromuscular, circulatory and craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, therapeutic exercises and taping, rehab services and nutritional consultations.
As a dancer, Ms. Persch has trained and danced with the Stuttgart Ballet, American Ballet Theater, and the Royal Ballet. She has travelled nationally and internationally sharing her depth of classical & contemporary ballet and modern dance in classes, workshops and choreography as well as teaching anatomically based foundation for classical, modern and contemporary dance to Italy, Accademia Nazionale di Danza ( Rome); Denmark, Royal Danish Ballet (Copenhagen), as well as England, Ireland, Nederlands, and Spain.