Flamenco Denver

Flamenco Denver
January 17, 2016 Presenting Denver

The Flamenco Denver studio is located at 1934 South Broadway, Denver where regular classes all ages are tought. Our outreach program grew to 12 locations including retirement homes and more schools than ever before. Our first performance of the Flamenco Denver Company, Raices, was a great success.

Flamenco Denver keeps working to bring artists to Denver who can collaborate with us and inspire us through their teaching. They reinforce what the students learn in class. Through the singing, rhythm and dance we develop a deeper knowledge of ourselves and are able to express our feelings in harmony with our community.

Flamenco Denver is known for its creative performances, extensive community-based initiatives, and in-depth arts education programs. Artists from all over U.S. and Spain participate in workshops and Performances and reflect its core goals: fostering a cross-cultural form of expression, preserving the tradition of Spanish dance, and guiding this art form’s modern evolution.

Flamenco Denver has been honored to be part of the Inauguration of The Denver Art Museum performing for the Denver Community. Also participate in free performances at different events like “Dia de los Ninos” at the Denver Art Museum, Summer program at The Botanic Gardens, Taste of Colorado, 5 de Mayo, etc.

For those interested in viewing a class, the studio is open to visitors. Periodically, the studio host events to foster understanding and celebrate flamenco.




1934 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80210
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