Amanda Tipton Photography

Amanda Tipton Photography
January 17, 2016 Presenting Denver

Art is vital. Literally, it has life. It feeds on eyes and ears and hearts and minds, and I am passionate about helping form that link between artists and the audience they need to survive. I have been helping Colorado creatives of all stripes find their audiences for the past five years.

I believe creatives need context for their work. I believe they not only need a clear record of events, but someone to come in from the outside and become a detective of their ballet or dance style.

Social media, too, now insists on not just seeing finished work, but the process as well. Creatives can no longer just put up a poster and hope people come to their play. They need an interpreter and an advocate.

If you need someone to be vitally curious and intensely passionate about what you do and how to help communicate that to your prospective audience, I’m your photographer.

For a list of my services and your investment, please email me at amanda.r.tipton at or call me at 303.929.5209.