Abby Moon & Crescent Dance Project

Abby Moon & Crescent Dance Project
February 26, 2018 Presenting Denver

Crescent Dance Project is an open community of dancers that explores themes of the sacred through improvised movement and choreography. Directed by tribal fusion bellydancer Abby Moon, women of all dance backgrounds come together to create works that use sacred geometry, astrology, and archetypes in our dance formations and characterizations. We believe dance is a medium through which we can channel and express our connection to the divine and creative source. We welcome you to join us to tune in to your own authentic movement as we co-create works for meditation as well as performance.

What are classes like?
CDP classes are mixed-levels, for anyone who wants to explore movement as a form of medicine and creative self expression. Classes typically combine strengthening, stretching, movement meditations, bellydance drills, and choreography.

How can I get involved?
Join us every Sunday 6-7 pm at HEAL Denver (8th & Santa Fe) for CDP class & rehearsal. Occasionally Abby hosts guest teachers in order to bring our amazing community of talent together. More information can be found here:

Who is Abby Moon?
Abby Moon is a tribal fusion bellydancer currently living in Denver, CO. In 2000 she grew her roots in American Tribal Style while studying with Portland’s Gypsy Caravan, then moved to NYC in 2004 where she helped establish the emerging tribal bellydance scene there. In New York Abby danced with Alchemy Tribal Collective, Public Urban Ritual Experiment (P.U.R.E.), Solstice Dance Company, and LUNARIS. She has performed at festivals and venues across the country with Solstice and LUNARIS. In addition to directing Crescent Dance Project, she also currently dances with Donna Mejia’s Sovereign Collective. Her unique style of tribal fusion bellydance is inspired by ritual and spiritual expression, and explores symbolic movement reflecting her interest in astrology and sacred geometry. Abby is available for booking improv performances for DJs as well as teaching private & semi-private bellydance classes.



HEAL Denver
938 W 8th Ave
Denver, Colorado 80204