Call for nominations for “Legends of Dance in Colorado”

Call for nominations for “Legends of Dance in Colorado”
February 13, 2018 Presenting Denver

Dear Dance Colleagues,

Since 2004 the Carson Brierly Giffin Dance Library’s “Legends of Dance in Colorado” has honored individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to dance in Colorado.  We ask for your help with nominations for 2018.

The dance community in Colorado has grown and we want to be sure to honor diverse members of our community.  We invite your suggestions of dancers, choreographers, teacher, artistic directors, patron and promoter from across the state who have had a deep and sustained community impact in service to dance.

We have an online nomination form at our website where you also can see a list of past Legends honorees.  Please submit names for consideration by February 28. 2018. As an alternative to the online nominating, you may send a brief bio, description of professional experience, community impact, nominee contact information, as well as you recommendation to Joan Brown, 1010 Monaco Pkwy, Denver, CO  80220 or email   Phone: 303-399-6208 with questions.  If you submitted a nomination last year that was not selected, it can be submitted again for 2018.

The Board of the Carson Brierly Giffin Dance Library gives thoughtful consideration to all nominations and makes the final choices.  The Legends Celebration will be held on Sunday, October 21, 2018 at the Anderson Academic Commons, University of Denver, from 4 to 6 p.  Light refreshments and beverages will be served.  Everyone who submits a nomination will be invited.

Thank you for your help.

Joan Brown

Carson Brierly Giffin Dance Library

Officers:  Julia Wilkinson Manley, President    Michelle O’Bryan Hamel, Vice President    Sandra Minton, Secretary     Katherine Crowe, Curator

Board Members:  Joan Brown, Christin Crampton Day, Ann Hunt, Joanna Lamb, Nancy McElroy Michael Ritchie, Sheila Sharpe, Phyllis Wicklund, Margaret Ziehm

From the University Libraries:  Woody Colahan, Music & Performing Arts Librarian    Community Relations Coordinator, Nancy Clark   Nathalie Proulx, Dance Library Archivist