A Note from Lizanne McAdams-Graham

A Note from Lizanne McAdams-Graham
September 27, 2018 Presenting Denver

I regret to announce that I will be relocating out of state mid-October. This was an extremely difficult decision, as I’ll be leaving so much behind. I have held my Tuesday/Thursday class in Colorado for 22 years, conducting class at Ballet Arts studio with my two little boys in tow, moving to Colorado Ballet and finally moving to Denver Dance Center.

I have made so many beautiful friendships and connections during my time here and will miss you all dearly. It has been an honor conducting independent professional classes to so many outstanding dancers. I hope to find such a special place as DDC to conduct classes, however, it will be hard to replace the wonderful dance community of Denver.

Radoslaw Kokoszka will be stepping in and taking over my classes effective October 9th. I have attached his Bio and believe with his strong background he will be an outstanding replacement. In order for a smooth transition, he will accept my class cards as payment for his classes until they run out. After that time, all classes will be payable to him with the same consistent rates as Kris and me.

With that, I bid farewell and will always keep my memories of you all close to my heart. Hopefully, I will be back to visit and teach in Colorado again someday. Thank you for all your kindness and loyalty. It has meant so much to me. Wishing you all the very best.