The Commentary Corner

  • Sarah Romanowsky by Randm Vision. Iamge courtesy of Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance.

    Aerial Dance Lecture Demo

    The 19th Annual International Aerial Dance Festival is currently taking place in Boulder, hosted by Boulder-based studio Frequent Flyers Aerial…

  • Photo by Stan Obert. Image courtesy of Cleo Parker Robinson Dance.

    Mile High Dance Diversity

    United we stand when bridges are built and communities are galvanized through the arts.  The 6th annual Mile High Dance…

  • Photo by Debra Dean Photography. Image courtesy of Sonder.

    An Artist’s Coming of Age

    Ambition has reached a new peak in Denver’s performance community with Sonder, an immersive, professional dance theatre production created, produced…

  • Image courtesy of The Anata Project and Summation Dance

    Far Away and Far Apart

    Friday, June 23, and Saturday, June 24, The Anata Project and Summation Dance shared a bill at the Dairy Arts…

  • Photo by Matt W. Smith. Image courtesy of Bella Diva Dance.

    Carnival Cabaret

    Escape into the mystique. Escape into the fantasy. Escape into the beads, samba and wonder that encompass all that is…

  • Photo by Peter Strand. Image courtesy of Zikr Dance Ensemble.

    Seeing the Ancient Anew

    Zikr Dance investigates the sacred movement of ancient world cultures through a multi-faceted contemporary lens as dynamic and fluid as…

  • Four Seasons in One Night

    For a brand new ballet company, Ballet5280 sets a lofty goal to change the centuries-old notions of the “ideal” ballerina…

  • Growing, a passion for dance

    Davis Contemporary Dance Company (Davis Dance) performed A Summer Night of Dance at the Elaine Wolf Theatre, a quaint local…

  • Photo by Stan Obert. Image courtesy of Cleo Parker Robinson Dance.

    Classic love tales reimagined

    Among the themes that make humanity what it is, passion and vengeance are arguably the most poignant.  Cleo Parker Robinson’s…

  • Photo by Heather Gray. Image courtesy of 3rd Law Dance/Theater


    Unafraid to take risks and experiment, the company of 3rd Law Dance/Theater is full of accomplished dancers, yet it presents…