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  • Photo by David Andrews. Image courtesy of Gregory Gonzales._web

    Gregory Gonzales

      ABOUT GREGORY GONZALES Gregory Gonzales graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Sports Fitness/Kinesiology and…

  • Photo by Emmy Gaines. Searching for the Light Photography.

    Thomas Dance Project

      ABOUT THOMAS DANCE PROJECT It all started in 2008 while preparing for the New-York International Ballet Competition. Thomas decided…

  • Photo by Peter Strand. Image courtesy of Zikr Dance Ensemble.

    David Taylor’s Zikr Dance Ensemble

      ABOUT DAVID TAYLOR’S ZIKR DANCE ENSEMBLE The Zikr Dance Ensemble offers a spectrum of works that are based on…

  • Photo by Francisco Estevez.

    Parasol Arts

      ABOUT PARASOL ARTS Parasol Arts is a professionally operated non-profit organization for dancers, musicians, vocalists and creative artists who…

  • Amanda Tipton Photography. Image courtesy of Mary Lynn Lewark.

    Mary Lynn Lewark

      ABOUT MARY LYNN LEWARK Mary Lynn Lewark performs, directs, produces and teaches throughout the Denver area. As founder and…

  • Photo by Philip Koenig. Image courtesy of Nu-World Contemporary Danse Theatre.

    Nu-World Contemporary Danse Theatre

        ABOUT NU-WORLD CONTEMPORARY DANSE THEATRE Nu-World Contemporary Danse Theatre focuses on artistic collaboration and work that speaks to…

  • Photo by Isaiah Richardson. Image courtesy of Edgar Page.

    Edgar L. Page

      ABOUT EDGAR L. PAGE Detroit Native, Edgar L. Page began his training through the Detroit Public Schools system, graduating…

  • Photos by Sue Daniels and Bailey Anderson. Image courtesy of Kristen Demaree.

    Kristen Demaree

      ABOUT DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR Delusions of Grandeur was founded by Kristen Demaree and Elvira Stewart in 2005. The mission…

  • Photo by Arianne Autaubo. Image courtesy of The Schiff Dance Collective.

    The Schiff Dance Collective

      ABOUT THE SCHIFF DANCE COLLECTIVE Since founded in 2006 by Artistic Director, Jenny Schiff, The Schiff Dance Collective has…

  • Photo by Valerie Febre Yap Studios. Image courtesy of Chadash Contemporary Dance Movement.

    Chadash Contemporary Dance Movement

      ABOUT CHADASH CONTEMPORARY DANCE MOVEMENT The vision and mission of Chadash Contemporary Dance Movement is to cultivate renewal, reparation,…