Rebekah West Photography & Creative International

Rebekah West Photography & Creative International
November 4, 2016 Presenting Denver

Rebekah West spent 35 years immersed in Colorado dance; currently, she is based in France. Liz Lerman’s upcoming book on creative critique includes one of Rebekah’s essays and she’s in post production on a tango film she shot in her village.

Her dance photography and short films have been selected for exhibition and screening worldwide. As a story finder for the Hallmark Channel’s New Morning Show, she featured Colorado artists and dancers.

She is known for passionate, rhythmic, soulful choreography and integrating movement with media, theatre, and text both with her own solo concerts and through PolkaDot Flamenco + Media and as a guest artist.

West created the Youth Arts Institute for the Colorado Dance Festival, taught for the National Dance Institute New Mexico, brought dance to dozens of schools, and taught flamenco.

As artistic producer, Rebekah served Space for Dance/Boulder Dance Alliance and the Center for Arts, Media & Performance at the University of Colorado-Boulder’s ATLAS Institute for a combined twelve years where she developed spaces, artists, and public interaction.

West holds an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies: Writing & Poetics and Visual Art from Naropa University and two BAs: Dance Therapy and Dance Movement Studies.





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06530 Cabris, France
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